This 3.5-hour CHARACTER IMPROV WORKSHOP is for IMPROVOLUTION students only. Students need to have completed Fundamentals/Level 1. The class will focus on: 

  • understanding more deeply what defines a "character" - the physical, the emotional, the internal and the external
  • enhance character creation and the variety of ways to access believable, multi-dimensional characters
  • explore fueling a scene with character's opinions, philosophies, behaviors, and emotional life
  • strengthen emphasizing the "WHO" of the scene changes everything

Monday, April 24, 7pm-10:30pm

IMPROVOLUTION // 115 Macdougal Street

Cost: $65

Limit: 16 Students. No refunds.


Send $65 to Holly via with VENMO or PAYPAL.

VENMO: @hollymandel



Questions? Just shoot Holly an email: