Our team of Improv actors are at the ready to help raise your business to the next level. Through role playing business-related scenarios, we can elevate your team’s awareness by allowing them to interact with familair or challenging personas, having the opportunity to receive coaching and apply specific notes.

We are trained to navigate tension and give productive feedback in the moment to accelerate the learning process. As character improvisers we are skilled at embodying roles to recreate situations employees most need training in.

We also offer SIMULATION PROGRAM DESIGN where we work with your company to create the roles and scenarios that will strengthen employees training processes and abilities.

Roleplays and simulations will address:

  • Social skills and awareness

  • Reading cues and picking up on clues

  • Practicing conflict resolution tactics

  • Your employees specific ‘blind spots’

  • Managing difficult employees and clients

  • The opportunity to integrate new information or processes

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