RADHIKA VAZ, Instructor

Radhika Vaz has been a student, teacher, and, above all, fan of Improvolution since its inception. In addition to working with Holly Mandel and several other teachers from The Groundlings she has studied improv and sketch writing with instructors at UCB, The Magnet Theatre as well as from Chicago’s Second City.

Thanks to improv, Radhika was able to create two one-woman shows ‘Unladylike’ and ‘Older. Angrier. Hairier.’ both of which ran to sold-out performances in New York, L.A., and most major cities in India. She writes a column for the Times of India and is working with a publisher to write a book that will be out in 2015. Radhika credits improv with helping her develop the confidence to become a full-time performer, writer, and overall ballsy New York Indian.