Improvisation In Business

Creating Possibilities

The tenets of improv are being used more and more, in both direct and synthesized ways, to help groups of people unleash new, innovative, creative and dynamic potentials. Our goal is to catalyze an emergence – a higher level of collaboration, authentic confidence, and leadership. Any size group from just about any field can benefit – from creative brainstorming teams to marketing groups to senior managers.


“Holly did what no HR person was able to do with our group…she got us to actually work together because we WANTED to, and we saw that we could. She gave us tools to help us overcome our various obstacles…including the ones we didn’t see before. We work together much better now and it didn’t take Holly very long to get us there.”

— Megan B., Bloomberg News

It’s not a power point presentation. It’s experiential. And it’s transformative.



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