Not really into paintball or escape rooms? Try improv! Our 1-2 hour session works as a great meet and greet to kick off your event! The tools and rules of improv not only teach us how to listen more effectively and think outside the box…they are also an INCREDIBLY FUN way to reward your group for a job well done!

Or if you’re looking to host a party that offers a unique, engaging, and hilarious activity, improv is the perfect solution.

Benefits include:

  • Getting your team out of the office (or at least office mindset)

  • Team bonding

  • Having fun creating in a non-judgemental space

  • Self-reflection

  • A deeper appreciation of your team’s talents and gifts

  • Saying “YES”!

  • Playing (and maybe even performing!) in a safe, supportive environment

  • Offering something interactive and out of the box


We’ve got plenty of games to make your next team-building, birthday celebration, or bachelorette party rock!