Improvisation is a fabulous, fast, and effective way to break the ice and get your group - regardless of size - comfortable together, connected, and having built a foundation of trust and communication. While creating a supportive environment with fun and simple team building exercises, each and every member of your group will feel included, getting the chance to mix and mingle in a positive, “Yes-And” atmosphere.

Whether you’re bringing different branches of your business together for the first time, inviting newly promoted players to the management team, or introducing a new wave of students at a University, improv will provide the ease needed to kick off your event.  

Our team will lead you through:

  • Learning names, backgrounds and/or fun facts about one another

  • Creating a positive environment to engage with your team members on a deeper level

  • Lessening self-consciousness 

  • Increasing communication & connection

  • Setting the tone for the remainder of your event

  • Providing a common experience & ‘language’ to apply throughout the rest of the event, summit or retreat

The day started off with an hour of improv which got everyone awake and it helped all the employees meet one another, since they work in different offices across the country. It added to the overall success of the day and got us all off to an energized start!
— Jennifer, CAPITOL ONE

We can run an ice-breaker session at any length - from 45 minutes to 2 hours.