Believe it or not…improvisation is not about comedy.  It’s not about performing or the theater.  At its core, it’s about communication at a very high and efficient level.  It’s about working with others, building trust and relationships around a shared goal.  It’s about developing self-confidence, leadership, listening without an agenda, and quick-thinking under pressure.

That’s why we developed this arm of Improvolution with our sister company iMergence. Because we know that improvisation can be an invaluable tool in the workplace…and a tool that can teach skills that often take years and years to develop, if at all.

We can go to you. Our facilitators can visit your company or off-site and run a tailor-made workshop, addressing your needs and goals.

You can come to us. Your group can come to our school and theater in the West Village and participate in an improv workshop geared toward the needs of your company.



iMergence (improv + emergence) is a corporate education and leadership development company which uses a variety of methodologies, primarily the tools, perspective, and experiential learning that improvisation provides.  Unlike more traditional improv classes and workshops, iMergence uses improvisation techniques not for comedy or theatrical outcomes, but to help both groups and individuals in terms of increasing confidence, enhancing communication, maintaining ease in the unknown, comfort in having to pivot and think on one’s feet, and strengthening trust between the team all at the same time. It can appear deceptively simple on the outset but don’t be fooled — improv provides the fast track to acquiring valuable skills and an outlook that all companies can benefit from immensely.

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